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Managed Services

Managed Service is an assistance of thorough IT management in technical and infrastructural scopes according to the needs. This service is highly recommended for companies which have limitated IT experts.

Its coverage is in terms of infrastructure up to migration, maintenance, and monitoring. The available service can be in terms of application, security, infrastructure, consultation, and so forth.

Apart from addressing the workload of complex IT issues, Wowrack also helps to prevent virus, malware, phising, breach, and ransomware from infecting you. We also analyze the performance monthly and let you know the result so that you know which to improve.

Wowrack designs infrastructure that is powered by SSH key and VPN, as well as managing the traffic so that foreign threats will not pass. Besides, we are ensured with ISO 27001 about information security and monitored by a third party who is ready to give us penaly should we do malpractice.

The free-of-charge consultation is used to investigate your needs, budget, and current system availability. Through the gathered information, Wowrack will adjust the service and solutions to better facilitate your needs, including evaluating the monthly performance and possible future development.

You can contact us by phone +62 31 6000 2888 or at email to get in touch and tell us about your needs, including the money you should pay.

Step up your business performance based on your needs through our adjustable solutions