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General Questions

Wowrack is an IT company that provides, but not limited to, cloud, data center, and connectivity solutions. We also offers our expertise through managed services to handle your IT-related needs without requiring more efforts, time, and fund.

The main solutions of Wowrack are, but not limited to, CDC (Cloud, Data Center, and Connectivity) and others such as shared hosting, mail service, and so forth. To figure out the suitable one for you, contact us at for more details.

The experience we got from provisioning IT solutions to hundreds of clients for almost two decades makes us understand various needs of certain types of clients. Moreover, we have certification that ensures our quality in our services and solutions

The required time and money varies depending on the needs. We would like to know the needs first so we can provide the most effective and efficient solutions.

You can contact us by phone +62 31 6000 2888 or at email to get in touch and tell us about your needs.

Step up your business performance based on your needs through our adjustable solutions