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Cloud Solutions

It is quick and easy. All you have to do is simply download our client program and prepare the files or folders you want to backup, including the preferred time and frequency.

Your data will be safely stored within our data center in Jakarta, Surabaya, or Seatlle, USA−while being monitored by staffs for 24/7.

You will be the one and only party which have the access to your data. Your data will be encrypted even before leaving your PC or server. Your data is safely stored in SSAE-16 certified data center, which facilities include redundant UPS, cooling system, HVAC, and generator with backup. Our data center is designed to be able to run even if the main generator is offline. Your data is stored in a storage with redundant three-tier architecture, which are more effective and reliable compared to conventional RAID technology.

Definitely. We support your needs through our private cloud technology. For further information, you can directly contact us.

The disadvantages of onsite backup:
It costs time, a huge amount of upfront cost and does not support high scalability. Its security is prone to risks such as data theft, fire, flood. It also has limited IT support.

The advantages of online backup:
It works based on set-and-forget due to its automatic backup process, scalability, secure data center and server, 24/7 support, and high accessibility. Besides, your IT cost will be more transparent and predictable.

Initial Seeding
Depending on your connectivity, the process to upload your data to our backup cloud might possibly require significant time and resources. Initial Seeding can decrease the duration of the upload through methods as follow:

  • Make a full-system backup on an external harddisk drive
  • Send the drive to Wowrack and we will handle the backup process to our cloud
  • Do an incremental backup, copying edited data since the last data to undergo full backup, directly to the cloud storage

Large Scale Recovery
If you happen to require large scale recovery as soon as possible, Wowrack will provide the service apart from your connectivity. You can simply order a hard drive for backup from our data center and we will deliver it overnight. Restore your data from the drive and avoid bottleneck.

Step up your business performance based on your needs through our adjustable solutions