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Data Center

The data centers of Wowrack Indonesia are located in Jakarta and Surabaya, the most strategic business center and internet traffic hub in Indonesia.

Our data center in both cities are highly secure for the facilities meet data center’s requirements and the buildings have disaster recovery, anti-theft, as well as prime infrastructure. Apart from that, our data center is monitored for 24/7 to enhance its very own security.

If such phenomena happen, our data center will keep operating for 24/7 thanks to the redundant UPS. Besides, the data center is also supported by engine generator with long-lasting power. This prevents downtime to ensure the all-time security of your data.

If malfunction assumptively happens and potentially disturb the data center, you can contact our support team so that we can investigate and implement remote hands to the asset, whether to reboot the device or to address other possible technical issues in the server. Our support is online 24/7/365.

We classify data center order based on needs into three categories, which are Per U, Half Rack, and Full Rack. The solutions will be adjusted based on your needs and, in so doing, you can tell us your needs through email

Step up your business performance based on your needs through our adjustable solutions